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    ‘Down the Drain’ – desperate Producers Fight to Save Australia’s Buffalo Dairy Industry


    Around twenty years ago people were exclaiming ‘Holy Cow- it’s a buffalo!’ when the buffalo dairy industry was first established.

    Now buffalo dairy farmers are praying for the industry to be saved.

    On the first of April this year a pioneer of the industry, Mitch Humphries, sent out an email to fellow producers.

    It was no April Fool’s joke.

    Hi Folks

    Been in contact with several buffalo dairy farmers, and seems the guts has been ripped out of our markets/livelihood.

    This (see attached link) was me at 6am this morning, something I had to do for several weeks, as I have had no orders for my buffalo milk.

    Please share what’s going on at your farms, maybe someone will listen, maybe we can keep this great buffalo milk and meat industry afloat the other side of COVID.


    PS This is NO April Fool’s Joke!

    It is a far cry from the ‘heydays’ of his Millaa Millaa buffalo dairying operation when many prominent television shows filmed there.

    Notable ones include Curtis Stone and Ben O’Donoghue with ‘Surfing the Menu’, and the ABC’s ‘Landline’ with Sally Sara and ‘On the Land’ just to name a few.

    His operation has appeared in magazines such as ‘Gourmet Traveller’, ‘Australian Geographic’ and ‘Outback’.

    Now Mitch Humphries is ‘crying over spilt milk’ – buffalo milk.

    His buffalo dairy is located in Millaa Millaa on the Atherton Tablelands in Queensland, an area renowned for being a land ‘where milk and honey flows’.

    But now, with the buffalo dairy industry having taken a severe blow, the grim reality for Mitch Humphries is that it is a land where milk and ‘money’ flows no more.

    And milk flows down the drain instead.

    Why do we need buffalo milk?

    We have heaps of dairy cows!

    You haven’t lived if you haven’t tasted buffalo milk!

    Once you taste buffalo milk you will never want to go back to drinking or cooking with normal cow’s milk ever again.

    Fresh, pasteurized buffalo milk is sold in Australia to be enjoyed by consumers.

    For the best iced coffees or iced chocolates that you have ever tasted in the whole of your entire life use buffalo milk!

    So, what does buffalo milk offer that normal cow’s milk doesn’t, what benefits does it have?

    Buffalo milk is a premium milk with a clean, fresh, velvety taste.

    It is a low cholesterol milk which is very high in Vitamin A.

    Buffalos are more effective at converting beta-carotene into Vitamin A in their bodies.

    This gives the milk it’s brilliant, pure-white porcelain colour.

    It is an A2 milk which some lactose intolerant consumers say has definite health benefits for them. They say that, although they cannot consume normal cow’s milk without ill-effect, they can enjoy buffalo milk for its nutritional benefits.

    The milk is higher in protein and calcium than normal cow’s milk and has less sodium.

    It is also a great source of magnesium, potassium and phosphorus.

    Buffalo milk is fantastic for healthy bones, dental health and cardiovascular health.

    Buffalo milk creates superb dairy products, the quality of these dairy products being far superior when buffalo milk is used.

    There is a sensational range of buffalo dairy products which is currently available.

    Authentic Italian Mozzarella and Borelli cheeses, traditional South Asian paneer, khoa and ghee are all made from buffalo milk.

    Buffalo milk creates the most delicious boutique cheeses, yoghurts and the best ice cream you have ever tasted in the whole of your life!

    The high standard of buffalo dairy products can be confirmed by the numerous awards which have been won by cheesemakers and even producers themselves at Australian National Dairy Industry Awards.

    How is the Buffalo Dairy Industry being impacted by COVID-19?

    “Farmers are being forced to either physically dump milk down the drain, or are giving milk away at unviable prices,” Mitch Humphries said.

    “Due to the high dependence on the restaurant trade, many farmers’ orders have been massively reduced or stopped overnight.

    “Our product now cannot get to the consumers.

    “Some smaller boutique operations are now trying to do home delivery, preorder/pickup services, and they are also asking independent supermarkets to stock product.

    “So, it is important that the public supports all these ways, especially if we are asking the supermarkets, where most food is purchased from in these current times, to carry our lines.

    “We need the public to #buybuffalo so that the supermarkets and other outlets will take our Australian grown/Australian made buffalo products.”

    “Many decades of the dedicated breeding of buffalo suitable for milk production, and the farming skills associated with this, would end.

    “Animals would be sold to be slaughtered at abattoirs and the loss of a large number of Australian jobs would occur at farm, cheese production, wholesale and retail levels.

    “Specialized artisan cheese makers would be lost and the Australian public would, for a very long time and in some cases never, be able to experience these unique Australian made delicacies.”

    What can consumers and the Australian public do to help?

    “Buy buffalo #buybuffalo, but only Aussie made and grown from Australian produced buffalo milk,” Mitch Humphries said.

    “Buy from supermarkets, independents, from takeaway food outlets for such foods as pizzas, delicatessens etc. and if they don’t have product, ask them to stock it, or use it in their take away products.

    “Even a simple thing like ordering buffalo mozzarella on your pizza, but first ask them if it’s from buffalo milk produced in Australia, then you know you have backed an Aussie farm, processor, wholesaler and retailer.

    “You will know that you will have helped our economy at the same time to prevent the eminent demise of a unique fledging industry that we will all miss if it doesn’t get some support URGENTLY!”

    Photo: Bryan Jans
    "Sunrise Plains" Washed Rind Made by Berrys Creek Gourmet Cheese using"Sunrise Plains" buffalo milk.
    Photo: Bryan Jans
    "Riverine Blue" Made by Berrys Creek Gourmet Cheese using"Sunrise Plains" buffalo milk.
    Photo: Supplied by Bryan Jans
    President of the Australian Buffalo Industry Council, Bryan Jans with one of his buffalo dairy animals. Bryan is a buffalo dairy farmer.

    Please help us show supermarket chains that there is a demand for our products.


    Bidfood, Cairns 4035 3456

    Paesanella Cheeses, Sydney (02) 95196181

    That’s Ammore! Cheese, Melbourne (03) 94634200

    Shaw River Buffalo Cheese, Yambuck (03) 55684321

    Berry’s Creek Gourmet Cheese, Fish Creek, Victoria 0429 623 409

    Eungai Creek Buffalo, Eungai Creek Victoria 0414 743 118

    Your support is urgently needed to stop this Australian industry from disappearing down the drain.



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