Thursday, April 2, 2020
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    Is It Really Flushable?

    The Great Toilet Paper Shortage of 2020 is wreaking havoc with our sewerage network and Tablelands Regional Council is imploring the community to consider what they are flushing.

    ‘Baby and sanitary wipes, disposable gloves, Chux cloths, bandages and paper towel don’t belong in our sewerage network,’ said a Council spokeswoman.

    ‘Flushable wipes and paper towel are our biggest problems as they are not compatible with our network.

    ‘While they might flush, once they’re out of sight, they block and damage our network.

    Despite what the packaging says, they are not flushable, so don’t flush them.

    ‘We are seeing unprecedented amounts of solid materials accumulating in our sewers, pump stations and intakes to our treatment plants.

    ‘Our network has never dealt with this volume of solids and our staff are spending the majority of their time clearing the material, which is taking them away from critical maintenance.

    ‘This can’t continue and I implore the community only flush the three Ps — pee, poo and paper.

    All other items should be wrapped and placed in the bin for disposal as general waste (red-lidded bin),’ she said.

    The Water Supply (Safety & Reliability) Act 2008 states it is an offence to dispose of these items via the sewerage system and substantial penalties apply.


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