Thursday, May 28, 2020
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    Managing Covid-19 and Anxiety

    High levels of anxiety and concern are being felt throughout our community however it is important to learn how to manage stress before it reaches panic stage.

    ‘There are several things we can do to manage the unease in our work and home lives,’ said Local Disaster Management Group chairperson Mayor Joe Paronella.

    ‘Constant media coverage about Covid-19 is one of the factors contributing to a heightened state of anxiety in the community.

    ‘It’s important to not overload on information and instead arm yourself with the facts from reliable sources like the state’s lead agency Queensland Health.

    ‘Keeping the situation in perspective is also important.

    ‘When we’re exposed to a stressful situation, we often see things worse than they actually are.

    ‘Ask yourself if you’re overthinking the situation and imagining the worst-case scenario.

    ‘Looking after yourself also helps to encourage a positive frame of mind.

    ‘Maintain good (but safe) social connections and communication, and continue activities and hobbies you enjoy.

    ‘Keep your body healthy by eating well, avoiding excesses and finding time for relaxation.

    ‘Children will inevitably pick up on the concerns and anxiety from listening and observing what is happening at home and at school.

    ‘It’s important they can speak about their own concerns and have their questions answered.

    ‘The Australian Psychological Society has tools and tips on how to talk to children about Covid-19 to ensure they feel safe and informed.

    ‘This is also an important time to check on others in our community, especially those who are more vulnerable.

    ‘Stop in on your neighbours (but maintain social distancing!), and message and phone family and friends to see if they need help with anything.

    ‘Sometimes just knowing someone is looking out for vulnerable or isolated people is a welcome relief for those in need,’ said Mayor Paronella.


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