Monday, April 6, 2020
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    Millaa Millaa Golf News

    Shane Ferrari and cart celebrating Australia Day. Photo by Millaa Millaa Golf Club

    By the Millaa Millaa Gold Club

    For Australia Day, Sunday 26 January 2020.

    There was a very good turnout for Sunday’s event that was kindly sponsored by club stalwart Paul Foster.

    The correct title for this type of competition is still being debated, I have heard it called plus and minus, par and bogey, so take your pick. 

    Simply you get a plus + if you score more the two stableford points on a hole, you get a minus – for less and a square for all square if you score two points. Simple aye.

    The heat of the day certainly had some effect on the scoring with only two players coming in with positive scores of +1 and the winner on a count back was David Welch from Gary Sinclair. Well done guys.

    The ‘nearest to the pin’ went to Kelvin Groves on 1/10 and Andrew Smart on 5/14, the Silver Fox must have been annoyed about loosing one to Graham Murray last week, then hearing that Graham had an Eagle in Tuesdays vets competition, then loosing another close one today. So he decided if it takes an Eagle to get your name in the paper well so be it. Well done Don McHardie for your Eagle today.

    Shane’s Ferrari buggy was proudly decked out for Australia Day with a huge flag, well done.

    That type of patriotic attitude must be applauded, its a pity the Red Terror didn’t quite make the eighteen holes again.

    Next week is the February monthly medal now sponsored by Mungalli Dairy, Malanda RSL and Millaa Millaa Hotel. See ya next week. 


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