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    Millaa Millaa Gym Flexes It’s Muscles!

    Going through their paces at the official opening of the Millaa Millaa Community Gym in 2012 are Bob Katter (left) and Shane Knuth (right) while Senior Constable Paul Jackson who founded the gym (centre) looks on.
    Photo by Brigitte Daley

    By Brigitte Daley

    Did you know that the Millaa Millaa Gym was the first ever community gym in Queensland? It was officially opened by Bob Katter. The Milllaa Millaa Gym was first started in 2012 by Senior Constable Paul Jackson who was stationed in Millaa Millaa. This is a first in Queensland, it has never been done before in Queensland,” Senior Constable Paul Jackson said.

    Now 7 years later, the Millaa Millaa Gym is powering on from strength to strength with about 80 current members.
    The Misty Mountains Sport & Recreation Association Inc. operates the Millaa Millaa Gym with a committee of volunteers. The President is Jane Payne and she has been running the gym since 2014.

    Jane is a qualified gym instructor and a qualified aqua aerobics instructor as well. She also holds a Blue Card and CPR and First Aid qualifications as well. For complete ‘peace of mind’ it is great to note that the First Aid Box at the gym is regularly checked and serviced by the Millaa Millaa Ambulance.The gym is located right next door to the Millaa Millaa Ambulance and Millaa Millaa Health Centre. You could not get a better location for a gym anywhere in Australia!

    Millaa Millaa gym is for EVERY BODY! Photo supplied

    Locals Greg and Alison Harris go on a regular basis. We like the fact that you can go whenever you like, with it being a 24 hr gym and that most of the time you have the place to yourself, “ Alison said.People respect it and keep it clean and tidy, it’s a fantastic set-up for a small community.” People from Ravenshoe, Malanda and Tarzali also come to the Millaa Millaa Gym as well.

    Jane has run various TRC ‘Wellbeing Fitness’ gym classes that have been greatly received by all age groups in the area and hopes to do more programs in the near future.

    The Millaa Millaa gym is a superb facility that has ‘state of the art’ gym equipment and offers the following –

    • 24hr/7day a week access
    • Is a relaxed gym that is not over-crowded
    • Has an extensive range of up-to-date, fully serviced, modern equipment
    The Millaa Millaa Gym is equipped with an extensive range of up-to-date, fully serviced, modern equipment.
    Photo by Jane Payne

    Types of gym equipment include –

    • Weights & dumbbells
    • Kettle balls
    • Weight bags
    • Smith’s Machine
    • 2 treadmills
    • 4 bikes
    • Lateral Pull Down
    • Leg Extension
    • Cross Trainer
    • Boxing Equipment
    • Rope
    • Mats for floor work
    • Additional space available in Sports Hall
    • Toilets, showers
    • Water bubbler
    • Kitchen

    The gym is fully weather proof.

    Clean, well laid-out and inviting, the Millaa Millaa Gym awaits you!
    Photo by Jane Payne

    The Sports Hall is a multi-purpose hall which accommodates other sporting groups and activities as well eg such as cyclists.

    Jane said any exercise is good exercise because everyone needs to stay fit and healthy. The gym caters for all ages and all levels of fitness, from Primary School to Pensioners,” she said. The Millaa Millaa State School conducts its PE (Physical education) lessons in the Sports Hall for its Primary School Students when it is wet. The students enjoy doing basketball, netball, volleyball and lacrosse.

    We have so many sports people in this town – it’s unbelievable!” Jane said. We have competitive athletes, swimmers, boxers and runners of all different ages, some of whom go to Nationals as well. It’s all about fitness and wellbeing, to make your body feeling more comfortable than what it was when you went in,” she said.

    The gym is all volunteer-based. As well as for physical health, the gym is important for mental health as well. People use the gym just to clear their head space. Gym members have been heard to say that it saves their sanity and is where they go to relax!

    So what happens when you join?

    1. Jane meets new members at the gym.
    2. She demonstrates to them how to use the equipment correctly.
    3. She gives them suggestions for exercises that would suit them.

    The gym also has an important role with assisting with the rehabilitation of people. Some members have been referred by Medical Practitioners.

    Dr Catriona Arnold-Nott of Malanda Medical Care is a community gym member. This is a credit to our community spirit and enhances the health of all people of our town and our district,” she said.

    Direct deposit banking is available for membership. It is only $ 100 for adults to join for the whole year.

    1-8 years is Free
    Primary School Free
    8-12 years $5.00
    12-15 years $5.00
    15 -18 years $20.00
    18-60 years $100.00
    60+ years $50.00
    Temporary Member $20.00
    Financial Member $5.00

    * Children under 18 years old are not allowed to use the weights.

    The Millaa Millaa Gym always looks forward to the addition of new equipment in the future.

    *** The AGM of the Millaa Millaa Gym is being held this Sunday 10 Nov at 1 pm at the Millaa Millaa Gym. All committee positions need to be filled. The Millaa Millaa Gym welcomes everyone interested to attend and fill these positions to continue this dynamic, vibrant, health facility which is an asset to Millaa Millaa and its surrounding areas. Face Book Page: Millaa Millaa Community Gym

    Lots of additional space available in Sports Hall as well! Photo by Jane Payne
    Dr Catriona Arnold-Nott uses some of the ‘state of the art’ gym equipment at the Millaa Millaa Community Gym.
    Photo by Brigitte Daley


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