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Tuesday, July 7, 2020
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    Rural Minds Workshops Really Matter

    The Team at Atherton Community Health are excited to be a part of bringing Rural Minds to our communities. Photo by Brigitte Daley
    Mal Fraser, Clinical Nurse Kelly Pollock, Nurse Unit Manager Kathy Marshall, Clinical Nurse Chrissy Hicks, Clinical Nurse Pauline Lawrence, Senior Social Worker

    By Brigitte Daley

    Extraordinary things can happen to ordinary people. And this is no truer than with people who are working on the land or living in rural communities. Extremes in climatic variability, market and commodity prices, pests and diseases, as well as a myriad of other factors can all take their toll. And often they do.

    We are all touched by mental health issues in some way. It would be really hard to find someone who has not had a family member, friend, work colleague or someone they know affected in some way.

    It would also be really hard to find someone who has not known or known of someone who has taken their own life as a result of this. Tragically, this situation is more common than what most people think. For everyone to be ok and to be able to find the help they need to be ok can be one of the most important things in the world to themselves and their family and friends. It’s all about coping.

    Atherton Community Health will be hosting the first of 3 important Rural Minds Workshops across the Tablelands this week. A third event will be held on the 26 November, 2019. Rural Minds is all about mental health in rural and remote communities and invites everyone to have a chat about mental health and wellbeing in rural Australia. The Rural Minds Workshops are a relaxed, comfortable, safe and supportive way to learn about mental wellbeing and resilience for you, your family, friends and community. Specifically designed for rural and remote communities, these workshops are delivered by people who know what it’s like out there and present just good, solid, practical information.

    The Movember Foundation has provided funding to Rural & Remote Health to develop the Rural Minds Program. The workshops are proudly bought to you by –

    Qld Health, TRAIC and TRC.

    These are sponsored community workshops thanks to the following sponsors –

    Movember Foundation, TRC, Rural Minds and Rural & Remote Mental Health.

    The Rural Minds Workshops have been deliberately scheduled so that all people have the opportunity to attend regardless of what their occupations are. There is a day and a night workshop with an accompanying morning tea or BBQ supper This half-day workshop is a great opportunity for everyone to learn about mental health and wellbeing as it affects farming and agricultural communities.

    Mal Fraser Clinical Nurse and Kelly Pollock Nurse Unit Manager from Atherton Community health Queensland Health will be present at the Rural Minds Workshops which will be held at Atherton and Malanda on Thursday 7 November, 2019.

    It’s a priority for us because it’s a priority for our community,” Mal said.

    This program contains specialised information and will be of great benefit to anyone who would like to attend.”

    Mal said it was important for everyone to know the signs and symptoms of mental health concerns in the early stages so that people can recognize when family members, friends., work colleagues and anyone else they know, are starting to feel a bit ‘too challenged’.

    He said it is easier for people to either help themselves or to get help to people who require it in these early stages, instead of letting things go for too long, get too bad and then, tragically be too late.

    People will be able to come and listen to this information in a relaxed, comfortable, safe and supportive environment,” Mal said.

    One of the goals of the program is to completely remove the stigma associated with mental health.

    People go to diabetic or heart forums and mental health can be discussed in exactly the same way, in that type of forum as well,” he said.

    The workshop will:

    * Improve your awareness and understanding of mental health issues.

    * Make the connection between mental health and personal safety.

    * Give you the confidence, strategies and pathways to supports to help you preserve your mental health and that of your family and friends.

    Topics covered will include:

    * Stigma, risks to mental health

    * Risks to mental health

    * Anxiety and Depression

    * Destructive Thinking

    *Acute Stress and PTSD

    * Dementia

    * Suicide

    * Alcohol, drugs and mental health

    * Relationships

    * Financial Stress and Succession

    * Strategies to build and maintain mental health

    * Mental Health supports

    Registration: Up until close of business 4.30 pm Wednesday 6th November by calling 40910263 or ComplexCareAtherton@health.qld.gov.au


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