Thursday, April 2, 2020
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    Seafood Industry Needs Your Help

    NQ Senator promotes seafood as red meat in short supply
    North Queensland-based Senator, Susan McDonald, has encouraged people to consider stocking up on seafood in light of red-meat shortages.
    Seafood sellers across North Queensland are reporting sluggish sales despite many supermarkets and butchers running out of red meat each day, and commercial fishermen don’t know when and if they should keep fishing.
    Senator McDonald, a former manager of a chain of butcheries who grew up on a cattle station near Cloncurry in North West Queensland, acknowledged her stance might raise eyebrows in the red meat industry, but said fresh seafood is another excellent source of protein that could easily substitute people’s needs in these extraordinary times.
    “While a lot of people are looking for mince and other red meat to freeze, they should also consider seafood which freezes well and is delicious.” She said
    “Not only that, we can help another sector of the food industry that’s facing a lot of uncertainty and could do with the business.
    “I would have thought the State Labor Government would be more active in promoting our terrific seafood industry but to date they are regulating operators to the brink of collapse.
    “It is crucial that we maintain a strong seafood sector and the livelihoods it provides to so many families.”
    Mackay fishmonger David Caracciolo said seafood retailers across the North had plenty of fresh and fresh-frozen stock to meet demand.
    “Fish, prawns, bugs and crabs can all be portioned and frozen for future use,” he said.
    “We are advertising specials but people still seem to be rushing for red meat.
    “We are reminding everyone that seafood is a tasty and sustainable source of protein.
    “At the moment, a lot of fishermen aren’t sure whether to head out so more buyers would give the sector confidence to keep operating and provide for their households.
    “Eating more seafood will ease demand on red meat and keep seafood operations going. We can all enjoy locally caught seafood and help out our fellow Aussies.
    “Your local seafood store can provide advice on how to cook their product and store it.”


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