Wednesday, April 1, 2020
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    Tackle Cyberbullying Grant

    All bullying, including cyberbullying, is never OK. Local teens, with the support of Vocational Partnerships Group Inc. (VPG) and Tablelands Regional Council (TRC), have rallied together to say ‘no’ to bullying.

    Successful in receiving a Tackle Cyberbullying grant funded by the Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women, VPG and TRC partnered to deliver a community initiative designed to engage with young people on the Tablelands.

    The Tackle Cyberbullying initiative was tailored to support the development of positive and respectful relationships among young people, particularly relating to social media activity. Encouraging young people to lead the way by shifting cultural and behavioural change, the initiative was designed to
    build resilience and empathy and encourage young people who observe cyberbullying to speak up and safely intervene.

    The initiative was delivered to Year 7 and Year 9 students from Malanda State High School and addressed cyberbullying, explored positive online engagement, identified strategies to safely intervene and provided options to those witnessing cyberbullying.

    As part of the project, a group of Year 9 students who actively engaged in the initial workshops and showed interest in ongoing social leadership and influence within the online world, volunteered to be mentors to deliver the workshop to the Year 7 students. These students showed great leadership on the day, stepping up as social leaders by facilitating the workshops and encouraging the younger students to contribute towards a positive online world.

    During the workshops, students spent time designing artwork and slogans to be used in promotional posters to build awareness for positive online behaviour and challenging cyberbullying. Two posters were designed as part of the grant activities and these are being distributed throughout Tableland schools and communities to spread awareness of the positive online behaviour message and to increase a positive cyber movement on the Tablelands. Keep an eye out for a poster near you!

    The majority of students who participated said that they felt more confident to intervene in cyberbullying if they knew it was happening and would encourage other young people to do so too.

    Thank you to the Malanda High School students who participated in the workshops for your contribution to the posters.

    • For more information on the Tackle Cyberbullying workshops, contact VPG.
    • 4091 6411

    Say NO to cyberbullying. Report, challenge and reach out. #cybernice


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