Thursday, April 2, 2020
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    By Tansy Gleed

    I was born in Darwin, after my family helped with the clean-up of Cyclone Tracy. We moved to Queensland to get away from cyclones. Yes, I can hear you all laughing at that.

    We ended up in Mena Creek where I went to school and started my working life in Grade 5 at Paronella Park working on weekends and school holidays.

    At the age of I7 I moved to Atherton to undertake my nurse’s training, moving away shortly after. I then brought my young children back in 2003, having been lucky enough to buy my home in Malanda.

    I raised my children in Malanda while working at the Atherton Hospital and in 2016 accepted a position with Mareeba Community Housing Support Services as one of their Housing Support Officers.

    Over the years, I have worked voluntarily for many organizations in my spare time, all of which benefited either the community or environment. I am also a Justice of the Peace.

    My children both live and work on the Tablelands, one of whom works for TGT and the other at Malanda Spar. Both enjoy their work and colleagues, and are proud of the companies they work for.

    I am passionate about the Tablelands, having lived in 5 very different shires throughout the Northern Territory, Queensland and in England for one year. I believe this is the best all-round place to live. We have good weather, rich soil, an unbeatable countryside, a variety of good services and our people are friendly, helpful and reliable.

    Having said all of this, I believe we can make it better.

    The cost of rates is a big issue for many of our ratepayers.

    Those on a low and fixed income and our farmers who, in my opinion, are unfairly slugged due to their profit capabilities. I think a lot of us forget that farming is a gamble, meaning profits are never guaranteed. Farming is not for the faint-hearted. Farmers are faced with whatever mother nature throws at them, be it pests, diseases and weather. They also have to contend with wages, insurance, machinery and property maintenance and then there’s the rates.

    The Government is trying to keep the elderly in their own homes but imagine being on a low and fixed income and all the expenses required to be able to live at home. We need to be doing more to assist the elderly. The rest of us all have expenses too, we deserve to be able to pay our expenses and have a life as well.

    So, what can I bring to the table you ask?

    I have high standards when it comes to accountability. If I am elected by the people of Malanda, Millaa Millaa, Butchers Creek, Jaggan, Tarzali, Topaz, Maalan, Beatrice, Middlebrook, Mungalli, Ellinjaa, Moregatta, Minbun, Glenallyn, North Johnstone and surrounding areas, you can expect 100% advocacy, common sense and accountability.

    I want to raise the issues of rates, council spending, red tape restricting new businesses and the way that residents are being consulted with regards to changes that affect their areas. I think it has been forgotten that this is where we live, work, play and learn. We are the stakeholders. If elected, I intend to resign from my current employment with much regret and make Division 3 Councillor my priority, helping our community wherever and whenever possible and advocating for our residents and their rights.

    It would be great to see whoever is elected make positive changes to our council regarding improvements to quality of life for our residents through rates, environment, infrastructure and services.


    I will have a stall at the Malanda markets in the Pavilion where I will be available to talk to anyone who has any questions, queries, comments, suggestions or issues they would like to raise. If elected, I will continue this each month. I will be offering my services as a JP(Qual) there as well.


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